Lessons from the Iraq War: Reconciling Liberty and Security

October 22, 2004 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EDT

1st floor/Wintergarden

Featuring Nick Gillespie, Reason; Shibley Telhami, University of Maryland, Brookings Institution; Robert Higgs, Independent Institute; James Robbins, Nation​al​re​view​.com; John Mueller, Ohio State University; and Ted Galen Carpenter and Brink Lindsey, Cato Institute.

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Was the Iraq War a just war or just a war? There is no unanimity. Many conservatives may have had doubts about the war, but few voiced their objections. The National Review and the Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, vigorously supported it. Liberals such as Howard Dean and Andrew Cockburn opposed the war, whereas liberal pundits Thomas Friedman and Christopher Hitchens supported it. These same differences of opinion affected libertarians. This conference will engage advocates of liberty in a discussion of the Iraq War to understand its implications for future foreign policy actions.