Policy Forum

How Much Will Trade Liberalization in Rich Countries Help Africa?

Date and Time
December 6, 2005 1 - 3 PM EST
1st floor/Wintergarden
Featuring Marian Tupy, Assistant Director, Project on Global Economic Liberty, Cato Institute; Julius Coles, President, Africare; and Robert Guest, Washington Correspondent, The Economist.

As trade liberalization talks get under way in Hong Kong, many of the world’s media outlets continue to focus on protectionism in the developed world and its negative effect on poor countries. But trade liberalization in rich countries as a cure for world poverty is often overemphasized. Based on his new study, Marian Tupy will demonstrate that the main causes of African impoverishment are internal; namely, political instability, high trade tariffs, and a general lack of economic freedom. Please join our distinguished panel to hear suggestions on policies that Africa should adopt to increase trade and growth.