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Drug War Addiction

(Accurate Press, 2001)

Date and Time
March 13, 2002 5 - 6:30 PM EST
Featuring the author, Sheriff Bill Masters, San Miguel County, Colorado; with comments by William Otis, Former Federal Prosecutor.

Sheriff Bill Masters is a veteran of the “Drug War.” He was so good at it that he won an award from the Drug Enforcement Agency. As the years passed, however, Masters began to harbor misgivings about the drug war. A few years ago, Masters came to the conclusion that the drug war is itself an addiction —and that drug prohibition is more damaging to the fabric of American society than drugs could ever be. Masters has served as sheriff of San Miguel County, Colorado, since 1979 and has become America’s first sheriff affiliated with the Libertarian Party. In his new book, Masters advocates a return to the basic principles of personal responsibility, simple laws, and limited government.