October 5

Social Security: Is It “A Crisis That Doesn’t Exist”?

Featuring Andrew G. Biggs, Social Security Analyst, Cato Institute; Mark Weisbrot, Coauthor, Social Security: The Phony Crisis; Richard Jackson, Senior Advisor, The Concord Coalition; and Eugene Steuerle, Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute.

September 18

Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Featuring Judge Alex Kozinski, U.S. Court of Appeals; Harvey Silverglate, Silverglate & Good; David Frum, Senior Fellow Manhattan Institute; and Jarett Decker, Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute.

July 27

Mexico in a New Era of Openness: What to Expect from Vicente Fox

Featuring Luis Carlos Ugalde, Chief of Staff, Embassy of Mexico; Roberto Salinas-León, Director of Policy Analysis, T.V. Azteca; and Fausto Alzati, President, Centro Internacional Lucas Alemán para el Crecimiento Económico (CILACE), Economic Adviser to Vicente Fox.

July 12

The Rule of Law in the Wake of Clinton

Sen. Fred Thompson, Lillian BeVier, Ronald D. Rotunda, Jim Wootton, Roger Pilon, C. Boyden Gray, Nadine Strossen, Dan Troy, Prof. Douglas Kmiec, Tim Lynch, Robert A. Levy, AG Wm. Pryor, Prof. John Yoo, and David Horowitz.