Book Forum

America Alone: The Neo‐​Conservatives and the Global Order

Date and Time
1st floor/Wintergarden
Featuring the authors Jonathan Clarke and Stefan Halper; with comments by Robert Novak, Nationally Syndicated Columnist.

America AloneRepublican leaders, once characterized as having “humble” views on America’s role in the world, have adopted a new foreign policy characterized by attempts to democratize the Middle East. In their book, Jonathan Clarke and Stefan Halper argue that the Bush administration has jettisoned traditional foreign policy concepts such as deterrence and balances of power. In their place, the administration has accepted radical conceptions of the capabilities of American military power and of America’s overall role in the world. The authors claim that a neo‐​conservative grand strategy threatens to undermine the war against terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, and to degrade America’s credibility, legitimacy, and effectiveness as a global leader. Please join us for an important, timely forum with the authors and our distinguished discussants.