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Cato University is the Cato Institute’s premier educational event of the year. Those familiar with Cato University may notice a change this year. Rather than offering a single week long program in the summer, a compact 3-day Cato University will now be offered several times during the year, each with a different focus. This will enable the programs to zero-in and offer comprehensive analyses of critical, multi-faceted issues at the center of individual liberty.

While the topics for each Cato University program will vary, the goal remains as always: to bring together outstanding faculty and participants from across the country and, often, from around the globe, who share a commitment to liberty and learning; and to provide participants an opportunity to form new and enduring friendships and perspectives in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Economics is a way of thinking, a tool for decision-making, and a basis for action. It’s the necessary foundation for understanding government, business, and society generally. In this vein, Cato University’s College of Economics brings together top economics professors from Harvard University, Northwestern University, and the Cato Institute to solidify your expertise on the basics and core issues, and then help you apply those tools to today’s most pressing issues.

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History is indispensable to understanding and defending liberty under our constitutionally limited, representative government. And at the core of that history is philosophy: the underlying beliefs and values that guided the American Founders in their creating a constitutional order of separated powers, checks and balances, and liberty. Cato University’s College of History and Philosophy braids these two powerful subjects together to explore the history of liberty and justice, of wealth and poverty, of individual rights and the rule of law.

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And — are you interested in another type of learning experience — own your own, at your own pace? We are delighted to now have the Cato University Home Study Course available. The 12 modules of this program are available as downloads or listened to online.