Cato Journal is America’s leading free-market public policy journal. Every issue is a valuable resource for scholars concerned with questions of public policy, yet it is written and edited to be accessible to the interested lay reader. Clive Crook of The Economist has called it “the most consistently interesting and provocative journal of its kind.”

Cato Journal’s stable of writers constitutes a veritable Who’s Who in business, government, and academia. Recent contributors include James M. Buchanan, Richard Epstein, Ben Bernanke, Robert Higgs, Václav Klaus, Justin Yifu Lin, Allan H. Meltzer, Charles Murray, William Niskanen, Douglass C. North, José Piñera, Anna J. Schwartz, John B. Taylor, and Lawrence H. White.

Volume: 39

Volume: 38

Volume: 37

Fall 2017

“The Economics of Immigration”

Volume: 36

Winter 2016

“Unintended Consequences of Government Intervention: Essays in Honor of Richard K. Vedder”

Volume: 35

Winter 2015

Weiying Zhang on China’s transition to a liberal society; Randall G. Holcombe on political capitalism; Thomas H. Mayor on income inequality; and more…

Volume: 34

Fall 2014

Leszek Balcerowicz on Euro imbalances; Mao Yushi on lessons from China’s great famine; Allan H. Meltzer on how the Federal Reserve repeats history; and more.

Winter 2014

In this issue of the Cato Journal, economists Geoffrey Black, D. Allen Dalton, Samia Islam, and Aaron Batteen offer one prominent example of allowing the market to work. Also in this issue, economists Jason E. Taylor and Jerry L. Taylor reexamine the relationship between marginal tax rates and U.S. growth, and Robert Krol looks at bias in CBO and OMB economic forecasts.

Volume: 33

Fall 2013

“Money, Markets, and Government: The Next 30 Years”

Winter 2013

Melissa Yeoh and Dean Stansel on the productivity of public expenditures; Paul Ballonoff on free market solutions to providing electricity to the unserved; Carlos Pestana Barros, Ari Francisco de Araujo Jr. and João Ricardo Faria on land conflicts in Brazil; James A. Dorn on the role of China in the US debt crisis; and more…

Volume: 32

Fall 2012

William A. Niskanen on alternative economic futures for Europe; Dwight R. Lee on the fiscal irresponsibility of Keynesianism; Deepak Lal on whether the Washington consensus is dead; and more…

Volume: 31

Fall 2011

Asset Bubbles and Monetary Policy

Spring/Summer 2011

Mark A. Zupan on the virtues of the free market; Jerome L. Stein on the debt crisis in Europe; Paul H. Rubin on markets, tort law, and regulation to achieve safety; and more…

Winter 2011

J.R. Clark and Dwight R. Lee on markets and morality; D. Eric Schansberg on a free market in health care; Claudio D. Shikida, Ari Francisco de Araujo Jr., and Pedro H. C. Sant’Anna on why some states fail; and more…

Volume: 30

Fall 2010

Restoring Global Financial Stability: Part 2

Volume: 29

Fall 2009

Andrei Shleifer on Peter Bauer and the failure of foreign aid, Jason Kuznicki on American race relations and government power, Masoud Moghaddam and Hallie Elich on predicting the incumbent party vote share in U.S. presidential elections, and more…

Spring/Summer 2009

Eswar S. Prasad on the effects of the financial crisis on the U.S.-China Economic Relationship, Radhames Lizardo and André V. Mollick on whether reducing government could help Latin America prosper, Steve H. Hanke and Alex K. F. Kwok on the measurement of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation, and more…

Volume: 28

Fall 2008

David Beckworth on macroeconomic stability, Abdoul’ Ganiou Mijiyawa on sustained economic growth, J. R. Clark and Dwight R. Lee on censoring and destroying information, and more…

Winter 2008

Andrei Illarionov on Friedman and Russia, Erich Weede on human rights, limited government, and capitalism, and more…

Volume: 27

Fall 2007

Sitikantha Pattanaik on global economics, Douglas A. Houston on corruption and the economy, and more…

Winter 2007

Donna Card Charron on Stockholders and Stakeholders, Noel D. Campbell and Tammy M. Rogers on Economic Freedom and Net Business Formation, and more…

Volume: 26

Fall 2006

Sonia M. L. Wong on China’s Stock Market, James A. Dorn on U.S.-China Relations, and more…

Winter 2006

Simeon Djankov, Jose Montalvo and Martal Reynal-Querol on Foreign Aid, Janice Hauge on Medicare and HSA’s, and more…

Volume: 25

Winter 2005

“International Monetary Reform and Capital Freedom”

Volume: 24

Fall 2004

“Institutions and Development”

Volume: 23

Winter 2004

“A Monetary History of the United States after 40 Years”

Fall 2003

“Foreign Aid, Freedom, and Growth”

Volume: 22

Winter 2003

José Piñera on Latin America, Erwin A. Blackstone and Simon Hakim on market alternatives to child adoption, and more …

Fall 2002

William A. Niskanen on the death of the Phillips Curve, Clifford F. Thies on the 19th-century American railroad, and more …

Volume: 21

Winter 2002

Anthony de Jasay on Adam Smith, Richard Reichel on Germany’s postwar growth, and more …

Fall 2001

“Monetary Policy in the New Economy”

Volume: 20

Winter 2001

Carlos Seiglie on Cuba’s road to serfdom, Daniel Sutter on the economics of media bias, and more …

Fall 2000

Zeljko Bogetic on dollarization, Stephen Slivinski on James Buchanan, and more …

Volume: 19

Fall 1999

“On the Legacy of Mises and Hayek”

Spring/Summer 1999

Anna J. Schwartz on the IMF, Edward T. Gullason on the labor market status of women, and more …

Volume: 18

Fall 1998

“Economic Freedom and the Wealth of Nations”

Spring/Summer 1998

Peter Bauer on B. R. Shenoy, Penelope Brook Cowen and Tyler Cowen on the deregulation of water supply, and more …

Volume: 17

Winter 1998

“Money and Capital Flows in a Global Economy”

Fall 1997

Deepak Lal on regulation, Stanley Kober on humility and civil society, and more …

Spring/Summer 1997

Walter Williams on affirmative action, Enrique Ghersi on the informal economy in Latin America, and more …

Volume: 16

Winter 1997

Charlotte Twight on Medicare, Donald J. Boudreaux and Dwight R. Lee on political compromise, and more …

Fall 1996

Anthony de Jasay on justice, Tom G. Palmer on nationality, and more …

Spring/Summer 1996

William A. Niskanen on welfare, R. Richard Geddes on public utilities, and more …

Volume: 15

Fall/Winter 1995

José Piñera on the privatization of Social Security in Chile, Walter E. Williams on arguments for free markets, James M. Buchanan on federalism and individual sovereignty, and more …

Spring/Summer 1995

Gary M. Anderson and Adam Gifford Jr. on the rules of war, Stephen K. Happel and Marianne M. Jennings on anti-scalping laws, and more …

Volume: 14

Winter 1995

John J. Siegfried on sports player drafts, Anna J. Schwartz on bank self-regulation, and more…

Fall 1994

Václav Klaus on national transformation, Bruce Bartlett on how excessive government killed ancient Rome, and more …

Spring/Summer 1994

James M. Buchanan on the liberal constitution, Anthony de Jasay on “The Rule of Forces, the Force of Rules,” and more …

Volume: 13

Winter 1994

“Financial Deregulation in a Global Economy, Part II”

Fall 1993

“Financial Deregulation in a Global Economy, Part I”

Spring/Summer 1993

Herbert J. Walberg and Joseph L. Bast on school choice, Richard V. Burkhauser and T. Aldrich Finnegan on the economics of minimum wage laws, and more …

Volume: 12

Winter 1993

“Monetary Reform in Ex-Communist Countries”

Fall 1992

Peter J. Hill on environmental problems under socialism, Clark Wiseman on the economics of recycling, and more …

Volume: 11

Winter 1992

“From Plan to Market: The Post-Soviet Challenge, Part II”

Fall 1991

“From Plan to Market: The Post-Soviet Challenge, Part I”

Spring/Sumer 1991

Gertrude E. Schroeder on Soviet economies, Jixuan Hu on failed experiments in socialist countries, and more …

Volume: 10

Winter 1991

James M. Buchanan on a European constitution, Clifford F. Thies on the first minimum wage laws, and more …

Fall 1990

“Global Monetary Order: 1992 and Beyond”

Volume: 9

Winter 1990

George Horwich on disasters and market responses, J. Bradford De Long on Henry Simons, and more …

Fall 1989

“Alternatives to Government Fiat Money”

Spring/Summer 1989

Charlotte Twight on military base closures, Charles W. Baird on James Buchanan and the Austrian economists, Edwin G. West on open enrollment, and more …

Volume: 8

Fall 1988

“Dollars, Deficits, and Trade”

Spring/Summer 1988

James M. Buchanan on market failure, Douglass C. North on ideology and institutions, and more …

Volume: 7

Fall 1987

Government, the Economy, and the Economy

Volume: 6

Winter 1987

Robert Higgs and Charlotte Twight on the erosion of private property rights, Martin T. Katzman on environmental risk management, and more …

Fall 1986

“Money, Politics, and the Business Cycle”

Volume: 5

Fall 1985

“The Principles and Politics of Tax Reform”

Volume: 4

Winter 1985

“Economic Liberties and the Judiciary”

Fall 1984

“Planning America: Government or the Market?”

Volume: 3

Winter 1984

“Markets, Protectionism, and the Future of Trade”

Fall 1983

“Social Security: Continuing Crisis or Real Reform?”

Volume: 2

Fall 1982

“Cato Symposium on the New Federalism and Urban Opportunities”

Volume: 1

Fall 1981

William C. Dennis on wilderness protection, Murray N. Rothbard on the myth of neutral taxation, and more …

Spring 1981

Arthur B. Laffer on the Laffer curve, D.T. Armentano on the petroleum industry, Arthur A. Ekirch Jr. on the Sixteenth Amendment, Ronald Hamowy on the IRS and civil liberties, and more …