Cato’s Letter

Cato’s Letter is a quarterly publication of the Cato Institute featuring essays and speeches from important thinkers. While the entire archives are online, these selected essays feature some of our most popular issues.

Globalization Is Grrrreat!

By Tom G. Palmer. Vol. 1. No. 2. Fall 2002

Bringing Capitalism to the Masses

By Hernando De Soto. Vol. 2. No. 3. Summer 2004

Faith, Commerce & Freedom

By Daniel T. Griswold. Vol. 3. No. 2. Spring 2005

Not Under My First Amendment

By Floyd Abrams. Vol. 3. No. 4. Fall 2005.

Entrepreneurs Are the Heroes of the World

By Johan Norberg. Vol. 5. No. 1. Winter 2007

Why Government Planning Always Fails

By Randal O’Toole. Vol. 6. No. 1. Winter 2008

How the War on Drugs is Destroying Black America

By Joh McWhorter. Vol. 9. No. 1. Winter 2011

The Financial Crisis: Why the Conventional Wisdom is Wrong

By Richard Kovacevich. Vol. 12. No. 4. Fall 2014

Magna Carta’s Importance for America

By Roger Pilon. Vol. 13. No. 3. Summer 2013

The Purpose and Limits of Government

By Roger Pilon. No. 13. 1999.