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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. FREE.

In one simple, innovative app, CatoAudio provides instant access to the expert perspectives, insights, and insider viewpoints offered by the Cato Institute and

The app includes favorites such as the Cato Daily Podcast,'s Free Thoughts, Cato's event podcasts, Cato Audio Monthly recordings of event highlights and special roundtable discussions, excursions into libertarian thoughts, and more.

Wherever you may be listening, CatoAudio has all the features you expect from a high-quality podcast app:

  • SUBSCRIBE & NOTIFY – Subscribe to obtain the podcasts you want and receive notifications when new ones are available.
  • MINI-PLAYER – Listen to one podcast while browsing for others.
  • DOWNLOAD – Store podcasts for listening at your convenience or for when you're offline.
  • FULLY INTEGRATED – Set CatoAudio to play in the background so you can lock your phone and listen, or integrate with AirPlay anywhere, any time.

What about Android?

At the moment, CatoAudio is only available for iOS devices. Stay tuned for updates on a potential Android version. In the meantime, Cato Daily Podcast is available via a stand-alone Android app.