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Prosperity Versus Planning: How Government Stifles Economic Growth

By David Osterfeld

Political scientist David Osterfeld challenges the prevalent interventionist model of economic development and proposes capitalism as an alternative. Osterfeld argues on both theoretical and empirical grounds that the most effective way to promote growth is to establish a wall of separation between government and the economy.

Building on the work of Peter Bauer and Julian Simon, Osterfeld emphasizes the importance of the market as a vehicle for growth. He extends the concept of privatization to the Third World while showing that population growth is no barrier to prosperity and a healthy environment; agricultural land and food supplies are not being exhausted; and natural resources are becoming more abundant.

This is the ideal handbook on Third World development, focusing on such critical issues as foreign aid, the role of multinational corporations and foreign investment, migration, the impact of political corruption, and a host of other issues. Osterfeld’s book is an important contribution to the continuing debate over poverty and population in the developing world. Published by Oxford University Press.