Ending the Never‐​Ending Crisis

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About the Book

“We need to fix energy policy. And what we need to do to fix the policy problem is simple in concept but politically dramatic in practice: repeal all the state and federal laws that regulate energy, including those authorizing both state and federal utility regulatory commissions,” writes Paul Ballonoff in Energy: Ending the Never‐​Ending Crisis.

In the first four chapters of the book, Ballonoff discusses the myths on which present energy policy is based; in the closing three chapters, he argues that nearly all energy regulation is unconstitutional and considers what should be done.

Regulation of energy is based on two myths: that energy supplies are “finite” and need to be conserved lest prices skyrocket and that the energy industry is likely to be dominated by monopoly. Ballonoff finds both of those arguments dubious.

About the Author

Paul Ballonoff is an energy consultant in Washington, D.C.

What Others Have Said

“This book makes an important contribution to energy policy, one that I hope will stimulate needed debate and receive the serious consideration that it deserves.”
—Linda Stuntz, Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy