Cato Supreme Court Review: 2010–2011

About the book

Now in its 10th year, this acclaimed annual publication brings together leading national scholars to analyze the Supreme Court’s most important decisions from the term just ended and preview the year ahead. Cases critiqued in the 2010–2011 edition include high‐​profile First Amendment disputes involving offensive funeral protests, violent video games, school choice tax credits, and the public financing of elections; an immigration‐​related challenge to an Arizona employment‐​verification law; a global warming–related public nuisance lawsuit; and a host of important cases in the areas of federalism, commercial
speech, business law, and criminal procedure. In addition, this 10th anniversary edition includes an introductory retrospective by Roger Pilon of the Review’s first decade, looking at how the constitutional debate has changed over the period.

About the Editor

Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow in constitutional studies and editor‐​in‐​chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review. Before joining Cato he was Special Assistant/​Advisor to the Multi‐​National Force‐​Iraq on rule of law issues; practiced international, political, commercial, and antitrust litigation at Patton Boggs LLP and Cleary Gottlieb LLP; and clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Mr. Shapiro has written for a wide variety of publications and regularly appears on TV and radio to comment on legal issues. Mr. Shapiro holds degrees from Princeton University, the London School of Economics, and the University of Chicago Law School, and has been an adjunct professor at the George Washington University Law School.