February 9, 2012 7:47AM

The Wise Crowds Say Individual Mandate Is Unconstitutional

Fan​ta​sySCO​TUS​.net, a project of the Constitution‐​educating Harlan Institute (on whose non‐​profit board I sit), has been tracking its 12,000+ members’ predictions in the Obamacare case before the Supreme Court. You can read more in‐​depth about the current state of the prediction market — with fancy graphs! — but here’s a summary:

The FantasySCOTUS managers caution that these predictions are still preliminary, particularly because most members don’t offer predictions until after oral arguments. To learn more about FantasySCOTUS and its crowdsourcing techniques (“wisdom of the crowds”), see this recent article from the Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property.

And if you want to get in on the predicting, you can sign up here.