March 8, 2011 9:06AM

What on Earth Is Ezra Klein Talking about?

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein writes:

It’s put‐​up‐​or‐​shut‐​up time for Republicans. They managed to make it through the health‐​care debate without offering serious solutions of their own, and — perhaps more impressive — through the election by promising to tell us their solutions after they’d won. But the jig is up. They need a health‐​care plan — and quickly.

The GOP knew this day would come.

Say what? Exactly what political factors are forcing the GOP to put up or shut up? Their base is happy; it wants an all‐​out assault on ObamaCare, and congressional Republicans are giving it to them. Republicans are even winning the ObamaCare debate among the broader public:

So why should Republicans all of a sudden stop attacking ObamaCare and start talking about their own refor–ohhhh…I see. Klein is trying to talk the dog off the meat wagon. Good luck with that.