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Stopping and Searching

Police in New York City conducted 575,000 “stops” in 2009.  The actual number could be higher–depending on the number of stops the police decided not to record on paper.  The ‘stop and search’ is a legally dubious tactic that persists largely because white, middle-class people are mostly unaffected by it.  It is bad enough when the officers are in uniform, but gets worse when the police are in plain clothes and approach people rapidly.  The police “target” may have only seconds to determine whether he/she is facing a mugging or a police stop.  More here.

Copenhagen Agreement Is Just More Hot Air

Late Friday afternoon, the White house announced a “meaningful agreement” at the Copenhagen climate summit.  Details are currently unavailable, but a White House official said that developed and developing countries have agreed to list their national actions and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a “target” of a two degree (Celsius) limit to any further global warming.

In other words, there are no specific emissions reductions targets and timetables.  A country may choose no national reductions, or maybe a national program and that would be their “list.” And just what carbon dioxide level will stop warming over two degrees?

No one knows, at least until computer models stop forecasting warming that isn’t happening and/or drastically overstating the warming that is verifiable.

It sounds like the Copenhagen agreement is just more hot air. But not to worry, it will be hailed as a “breakthrough” by all the participants.

In reality, nothing much was accomplished and any significant agreement for emissions reductions has been punted to the next UN climate confab, beginning on November 8, 2010 in Mexico City, six days after our congressional election.