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Virginia Is — at Last — for Lovers?

Never say that progress doesn’t happen. The Commonwealth of Virginia may be – in 2013 – about to repeal its longstanding law against (heterosexual) cohabitation by unmarried persons. The legislature may also compensate people who were forcibly sterilized by the state – as late as 1979. The state’s multiple bans on gay marriage remain in force, of course. But progress has to start somewhere.

I wrote about Virginia’s long record of intrusions into the private lives of its citizens in my article “Virginia Is for (Homoracial, Heterosexual, Mentally Adequate) Lovers” at reason.com a few years ago. And about the state’s gay marriage ban in 2006.

HuffPo Oped: ‘The Illiberality of ObamaCare’

My latest:

On Friday, President Obama tried to quell the uproar over his ongoing effort to force Catholics (and everyone else) to pay for contraceptives, sterilization, and pharmaceutical abortions. Unfortunately, the non-compromise he floated does not reduce by one penny the amount of money he would force Catholics to spend on those items. Worse, this mandate is just one manifestation of how the president’s health care law will grind up the freedom of every American.