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#LibertyIn140 Twitter Contest

Happy Independence Day from Libertarianism.org and the Cato Institute! What better time than the Fourth of July to think about individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and the foundational role they have played in our nation’s history? In honor of America’s birthday, Libertarianism.org is sponsoring a Twitter contest; tweet the best short description of libertarianism with #LibertyIn140 and you could win up to $500!

You can find all the details on Libertarianism.org’s Tumblr page.

Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch on the New Episode of “Free Thoughts,” the Libertarianism.org Podcast

On Free Thoughts, the newish podcast from Libertarianism.org, Aaron Ross Powell, myself, and our guests explore the deep questions in libertarian thought. Guests include philosophers, economists, other Cato scholars. Rather than focusing on current public policy issues, we try to take a deeper look at how libertarians see the world. 

Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch joined us for this week’s episode, and Jason Kuznicki filled in for Aaron. We discuss whether there is a growing movement of independents that is a cause for optimism among libertarians. Are we in for a better, more libertarian era than ever before? Or should we be skeptical of this kind of optimism, given the growth of the federal government in recent years?

You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed or the RSS.

A New Libertarianism.org, a New Podcast, and 100 Excursions

Today’s kind of a big deal over at Libertarianism.org.

To start with, the Cato Institute’s resource on the theory and history of liberty unveiled a completely new look, one designed from the ground up to work great on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And we created a new way to browse all of Libertarianism.org’s content from within a single, intuitive interface.

We’ve also launched Libertarianism.org’s first podcast, “Free Thoughts.” Hosted by Trevor Burrus and me, it’s a bi-weekly discussion show about libertarianism and the ideas that influence it. The first episode is on politics and community and the relationship between them. In the coming weeks, we’ll have episodes on money and political speech, commodication, Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia, and much more. You can subscribe in iTunes—or via RSS.

Finally, today we published the 100th Excursions essay from George H. Smith. Smith is an authority on libertarian intellectual history and author of the new book The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical LiberalismEvery week for the last two years, Libertarianism.org has published a new essay from Smith. His 100th looks at Adam Smith, standing armies, and competition in education.

It’s an exciting day for Libertarianism.org. And we’ve got much more to come.

This Week at Libertarianism.org

This week at Libertarianism.org,

This Week at Libertarianism.org

Libertarianism.org’s first week was a terrific success. If you haven’t visited yet, I encourage you to do so. The site’s an excellent place to learn about and explore the theory and history of liberty.

This week Libertarianism.org added