July 13, 2012 12:07PM

From Overlawyered: Medical Roundup

Cross‐​posted from Overlawyered:

  • How’d we get shortages of hospital and community sterile injectables? Check out the role of FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regs, warning letters, and resulting plant closures [Tabarrok, with comments controversy; earlier here, here, here, etc.].
  • California orthopedist sues, wins damages against medical society that took action against him based on his testimony for plaintiff in liability case [American Medical News; earlier here, etc.].
  • Can’t have that: medical apology should be opposed because it “can create an emotional connection with an injured patient that makes the patient less likely to ask for compensation” [Gabriel Teninbaum (Suffolk Law), Boston Globe].
  • Feds’ war on painkillers is bad news for legit patients and docs [Reuters, Mike Riggs/​Reason].
  • New federal pilot project in Buffalo will provide concierge‐​style home care to emergency‐​department frequent fliers. Spot the unintended consequence [White Coat].
  • Dastardly drug companies? Deconstructing Glaxo SmithKline’s $3 billion settlement [Greg Conko, MPT]. Paging Ted Frank: “HIPAA’s Vioxx toll” thesis may depend on whether one accepts that the premised Vioxx toll has been established [Stewart Baker, Ted’s recent post].
  • United Kingdom: “Lawyers seizing lion’s share of payouts in NHS negligence cases” [Telegraph].
  • Silver linings in SCOTUS Obamacare ruling? [Jonathan Adler and Nathaniel Stewart] “DNC Scientists Disprove Existence of Roberts’ Taxon” [Iowahawk humor]. Did Ginsburg hint at the court’s direction on the HHS contraception mandate? [Ed Morrissey, Hot Air]

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