January 31, 2011 1:40PM

One for the Annals of Rent‐​Seeking

An article at Health​Pol​i​cySo​lu​tions​.org (“a project of the Buechner Institute for Governance at the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver”), about how ObamaCare is causing Colorado’s child‐​only health insurance market to implode, contains this startling admission by the top lobbyist for Colorado’s health insurance companies:

“Requiring all the carriers to sell this sort of plan creates a level playing field,’’ said Ben Price, executive director of the Colorado Association of Health Plans. “This is one of those unusual situations where we’re asking for more competition. If everyone else is in the market, the risk is spread across the entire market. Each company can afford to take on more risk.”

Catch that? A lobbyist who admits that his job is to restrict competition, effectively stealing from consumers for the benefit of his clients! How refreshing!

Wait, it gets better.

The legislation he’s advocating would tell any carrier that wants to sell insurance directly to Colorado consumers that they must also sell child‐​only coverage — despite the losses that ObamaCare’s price controls are likely to cause them in that sub‐​market. The legislation would actually reduce competition in Colorado’s individual market, because it would place an additional (and costly) requirement on market entry.

In other words, this guy is so good at his job, he keeps lobbying for less competition even when says he isn’t. Bravo, sir. Bravo.