November 21, 2008 2:50PM

Obama the Question Mark Man

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I picked up my local beer magazine, On Tap, and was surprised to see a front page story on Matthew Lesko, the government subsidies guy who famously wears a question mark jacket. The question marks indicate that all you folks out there can get on board the federal gravy train, and Lesko can show you how.

As president‐​elect Barack Obama is trying to fill out his cabinet posts, I realized that Lesko would be perfect. I’m thinking maybe secretary of commerce because Lesko’s approach to commerce is to get everybody hooked on federal handouts. That’s exactly the same as Obama!

Obama has refundable tax credits for everyonehe’s got goodies for federal unions, and he’s got subsidies for health care, toddlers and college students, homeowners, prescription drug users, energy companies, and on and on.

Once President Obama gets all those new subsidy programs through Congress, Lesko would be the perfect salesman to travel the country and pump up excitement over a new era of subsidy‐​fueled prosperity.

Mr. Lesko, all your years of hard work making late‐​night TV commercials may pay off big time! All the Obama administration would have to do is change www​.lesko​.com to www​.lesko​.gov and Americans could start cashing in.

Let’s face it: Lesko’s message captures today’s new spirit perfectly. Working hard for a paycheck is for chumps. Today, everybody can become a member of the Government Money Club and experience Hope and Change under the new administration.