January 30, 2010 7:07AM

Obama Admits CBO Cost Estimates of ObamaCare Are Incomplete

Yesterday — day #224 of the ObamaCare Cost‐​Estimate Watch — President Obama told House Republicans:

You can’t structure a bill where suddenly 30 million people have coverage and it costs nothing.

And just like that, the president admitted that the official Congressional Budget Office estimates of his health care plan do not reflect its full costs.

Both the House and Senate versions of ObamaCare would cover millions of uninsured Americans by requiring them to purchase private health insurance. As President Obama notes, even if you force people to spend their own money on health insurance, it still costs something to cover them. And if the government partly subsidizes those premiums, the remaining mandatory premium is still part of the cost of covering them.

Yet Democrats have systematically blocked the CBO from including those costs in its official cost projections. The Senate bill’s estimated price tag of $940 billion, for example, includes only the costs that bill would impose on the federal government. By my count, that’s only 40 percent of total costs. By Mr. Obama’s admission, that’s not the full cost of the bill.

Now that the President of the United States has acknowledged that the CBO’s cost estimates are incomplete, could we maybe get a complete cost estimate? Maybe just for the Senate bill?