September 1, 2011 5:18PM

K‑12 Facilities Spending Up 150 Percent in Two Decades – Apparently Not Enough for Obama

USA Today reports that part of President Obama’s much-anticipated plan for the economy, 3.0, might involve sending billions more in construction funding to our government school system:

A plan to boost construction jobs nationwide by providing federal money to repair public schools is picking up support among unions, economists and liberal advocates with direct ties to the White House.

Brilliant! Just the thing to fix our education system, economy and massive deficit . . . more lavish spending piled up high upon our already-lavishly-funded government schools.

Andrew Coulson already reviewed the dismal record of our total K-12 education “investment” over the last few decades. The short story; the cost per student has nearly tripled while test scores at the end of high school are flat.

But maybe, despite $500 million-dollar debacles like LA’s RFK high school and countless other examples of stupendously overbuilt government school facilities, just maybe we’ve neglected to spend “enough” on school buildings overall.

Here is the truth, in all of its depressing visual simplicity: