June 11, 2008 3:53PM

Eleanor Holmes Norton Loves Government Schools, Kids … Not So Much

The Wall Street Journal has a great editorial today on the plans that D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and teacher’s-union hacks in Congress have for the city’s voucher program:

Democrats in Congress have finally found a federal program they want to eliminate. And wouldn’t you know, it’s one that actually works and helps thousands of poor children.

We’re speaking of the four‐​year‐​old Washington, D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program that provides vouchers to about 2,000 low‐​income children so they can attend religious or other private schools. The budget for the experimental program is $18 million, or about what the U.S. Department of Education spends every hour and a half.…

Many of the parents we interviewed describe the vouchers as a “Godsend” or a “lifeline” for their sons and daughters. “Most of the politicians have choices on where to send their kids to school,” says William Rush, Jr., who has two boys in the program. “Why do they want to take our choices away?”