May 14, 2008 12:13PM

A Cross Between Bill Lumbergh and Robert Strange McNamara


For a look through the keyhole into the bizarre world of the Rumsfeld-era DOD establishment, take a look at these documents describing the DOD military analysts/"force multipliers" program. Or better yet, listen in to some of Rumsfeld's Roundtables, with audio available here and here. Over the slurpings and mastications of people like Jed Babbin, now editor of Human Events who was then thought to be a reliable pitcher of "softballs" designed to defend the DOD line of the day, you can hear what your half-a-trillion per year pays for. (Sounds like expensive china their forks and knives are clinking against, at least.)

The topics of conversation range from Rumsfeld likening himself to Churchill, Rumsfeld grousing about obstruction to his ideas on the Hill, Rumsfeld grousing about Moqtada al-Sadr ("he's not a real cleric!"), and various people (including Babbin) fawning over Rumsfeld. The discussion is peppered with Pentagon-speak, good-old-boys-club outbursts of laughter, and Rumsfeldian aphorisms ("you don't want to eat your seed corn...") It's a little nauseating and a little enlightening. Bill Lumbergh meets Robert McNamara.