Regulation Vol. 38 No. 4

Winter 2015–2016

Of all the rights the U.S. Constitution protects, courts are probably most vigilant about protecting free speech. Freedom of expression is not only a cornerstone of democratic government, but also central to the more ordinary choices citizens make in their daily lives. Yet one class of speech has been almost entirely ignored by the courts: speech by professionals engaged in their business. In the new issue of Regulation, Cato scholar Timothy Sandefur argues that the Supreme Court should make it clear that censoring professionals is intolerable.

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Regulation Vol. 38 No. 2

Summer 2015

As Title II “net neutrality” moves toward implementation, some proponents are having second thoughts. What is to be done? Gerald R. Faulhaber says that we wish to avoid the Internet being sucked into the vortex of Title II public utility regulation, we must depend upon Congress to act. Also in this issue, Christopher T. Robertson and Keith A. Joiner offer some new approaches to cutting health care costs while expanding access to care, and Edgar O. Olsen suggests reforms to low‐​income housing assistance.

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Cato Journal Vol. 35 No. 2

Spring/​Summer 2015

A limited constitutional government calls for a rules‐​based, freemarket monetary system, not the topsy‐​turvy fiat dollar that now exists under central banking. This issue of the Cato Journal examines the case for alternatives to central banking and the reforms needed to move toward free‐​market money.

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Policy Report Vol. 37 No. 2

March/​April 2015

For libertarians, the basic unit of social analysis is the individual. Individuals are, in all cases, the source and foundation of creativity, activity, and society. In the new issue of Cato Policy Report, Cato scholar David Boaz, author of The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom, explains the roles and rights of individuals in a free society, and cautions against a vision of a world in which individuals have no way to cooperate with others except through the state.

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