A Useful Corrective to China Fearmongering

Fareed Zakaria assails many of the leading arguments for why we should be panicked by China’s growing wealth and power. If the United States continues on its present course, he warns, it is setting itself up for a costly failure.


What’s the Matter with Significance?

Instead of relying on an arbitrary level of statistical significance, regulators and researchers should present the public with their findings and levels of confidence and allow people to come to their own conclusions.

December 5, 2019
Policy Forum

Is It the Drug? Rethinking Conventional Views of Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction

Featuring Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor, Reason; Author, Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use; Stanton Peele, Psychologist and Addiction Therapist; Author, The Meaning of Addiction; Coauthor, Love and Addiction and Outgrowing Addiction; Joycelyn Elders, Former Surgeon General of the United States and Professor Emerita of Pediatrics at University of Arkansas School of Medicine; Mitch Earleywine, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Habits and Lifestyles Laboratory at SUNY Albany; Suzanne A. Sisley, President and Principal Investigator, Scottsdale Research Institute; moderated by Jeffrey A. Singer, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute.