June 23, 2020

Does the Pentagon’s Checkbook Diplomacy Actually Work?

The use of procurement spending as a tool of foreign policy deserves greater scrutiny – from Pentagon officials, from Congress, and from researchers.

Defense One
Summer 2020
National Affairs

This Is Your Constitution on Drugs

Can something be legal and illegal at the same time? That may sound impossible, but it has increasingly become reality for cannabis in the United States.

National Affairs

Fed Policy: A Shadow Review—New Issue of the Cato Journal

Cato’s Annual Monetary Conference last November hosted a “shadow review” of the Federal Reserve’s own self‐​review, dedicated to examining “whether the U.S. monetary policy framework can be improved to meet future challenges.” The articles in the spring/​summer 2020 issue of the Cato Journal, drawn from that conference, are now available online.

June 22, 2020

The Witch Hunts of the Left Revive Soviet Ghosts

Many of today’s anti‐​racists are motivated by genuine and commendable concern about bigotry and inequity. But animating this anti‐​racist moment and the cadre of activists seeking to build a utopia of absolute equality, cleansed of all broadly defined oppression or “harm” to any member of a traditionally disadvantaged group, I see the same passion that drove communism.

The Forward Association Inc.