January 30, 2020

Can the Us‐​China Trade Deal Be Enforced?

The U.S.-China deal’s “dispute resolution” mechanism is a step backwards, and is less likely to induce reform in China on intellectual property, technology transfer, and other issues than the dispute provisions found in most other trade agreements.

The Hill (Online)

Must We Fight over What Children Will Learn?

Public schooling—in which diverse people are required to pay for a single system of government‐​run schools—inherently sets up conflicts because some things cannot be simultaneously taught as true. There is a more equal, more peaceful, way to structure an education system: school choice.

Cato Institute Public Schooling Battle Map

Federal Budget Outlook: Worse than CBO

Our economy is growing and we are at peace, so federal deficits and debt should be falling. But deficits are soaring and debt is at record high levels for peacetime as a share of the economy.