The Census Is Too Intrusive

The Constitution authorizes the federal government to conduct an “actual enumeration” of Americans, not to ask about our race, income, and other personal characteristics.

Cato Audio Issues

April 2020


• William Yeatman with Caleb O. Brown on regulations that were never needed
• Simon Lester with Caleb O. Brown on trade and cooperation in a pandemic
• Patrick G. Eddington with Caleb O. Brown on civil liberties in an emergency
• Diego Zuluaga with Caleb O. Brown on liquidity and insolvency in the crisis
• Ryan Bourne with Caleb O. Brown on the nature of a pandemic recession
• Michael F. Cannon on how the FDA blocked testing

Do Crises Foster Authoritarianism?

Times of uncertainty and fear often provide the opportunities for authoritarian governments to consolidate their powers. Reasonable people can disagree about whether particular emergency powers are worth the risks they entail, but we all should recognize the risks.