Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

A $1 trillion infrastructure package that the Trump administration is considering has some advantages over a proposal by Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, but still will require far too much deficit spending on things that private industry and transportation users should be willing to pay for themselves.



The House GOP brain trust has come up with a war powers “reform” that would empower the president to wage war in, among other places, Peru, Sri Lanka, Japan, Spain, and—why not?—Northern Ireland.

June 25, 2020
Live Online Conference Series

A Fed for Next Time: Ideas for a Crisis‐​Ready Central Bank

Featuring Sir Paul Tucker, chair of the Systemic Risk Council and former deputy governor of the Bank of England; Elga Bartsch, Head of Macro Research, BlackRock; Peter Stella, former Head of the International Monetary Fund’s Central Banking and Monetary and Foreign Exchange Operations Divisions; Peter Conti‐​Brown, Assistant Professor, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; and more.