You Can’t Copyright the Law

Georgia gives the legal resource database Lexis an exclusive copyright to publish the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA), thus restricting its citizens’ ability to access and understand the laws that bind them. The logic behind copyright does not apply to codes of law that bind the public, even if the code has annotations. An exclusive copyright over the product of normal legislative deliberation is a violation of the public’s trust.


The College More of the Same Act

Yesterday, the Democratic majority released the College Affordability Act and it delivers pretty much what we’ve seen established since about 1969: A general conviction that what higher ed mainly needs is more government money and no openly for-profit schools.

Community college 6-year completion rates, National Student Clearinghouse

How Can Us Politics Survive No Shared Understanding of the Economy?

Republicans and Democrats there don’t just disagree about the wisdom of certain policy ideas or whether observed trends in certain metrics are worrisome. Each side has their very own data and account of the world, creating irreconcilable narratives about the state of the nation.

UK Telegraph