September 11, 2018
Policy Forum

Can Free Speech Be Progressive?

Featuring Louis Michael Seidman, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law, Georgetown University Law Center; Robert F. Bauer, Professor of Practice and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, New York University School of Law; and Ronald K. L. Collins, Harold S. Shefelman Scholar, University of Washington School of Law; moderated by John Samples, Vice President, Cato Institute.
September 7, 2018
Capitol Hill Briefing

Rethinking America’s Highways

Featuring Robert W. Poole Jr., Director of Transportation Policy, Reason Foundation; and Jonathan Gifford, Director of the George Mason University Center for Transportation Public‐​Private Partnership Policy; moderated by Chris Edwards, Editor, Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org, Cato Institute
September 4, 2018
Policy Forum

The NSA and the Road to 9/11: Lessons Learned and Unlearned

Featuring William Binney, Former Crypto‐​Mathematician, NSA; Kirk Wiebe, Former Senior Analyst, NSA; Edward Loomis, Former Computer Systems Analyst, NSA; Thomas Drake, Former Senior Executive Service Member, NSA; and Diane Roark, Former Professional Staff Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; moderated by Patrick Eddington, Policy Analyst in Homeland Security and Civil Liberties, Cato Institute.
August 24, 2018
Capitol Hill Briefing

Freedom in the 50 States

Featuring William P. Ruger, Vice President of Research and Policy, Charles Koch Institute; Chris Edwards, Editor, Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org, Cato Institute; and Jason Sorens, Lecturer and Program Director of the Political Economy Project, Dartmouth College; moderated by Matt Weibel, Director of Government Affairs, Cato Institute.
July 19, 2018
Policy Forum

Plea Bargaining: Good Policy or Good Riddance?

Featuring Hon. Joseph R. Goodwin, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of West Virginia; Scott H. Greenfield, Attorney and Counselor at Law, New York City; Prof. Suja Thomas, Peer and Sarah Pedersen Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law; moderated by Clark Neily, Vice President for Criminal Justice, Cato Institute.
July 12, 2018
Film Screening

To Err Is Human

Join us for a special private screening of the documentary, To Err Is Human, followed by commentary featuring Mike Eisenberg, Director, To Err Is Human; Carolyn M. Clancy, MD, Executive in Charge, Veterans Health Administration; David A. Hyman, MD, Professor of Law, Georgetown University; Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute; Coauthor, Overcharged; and Michael F. Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute.