July 21, 2011
Book Forum

The Ethics of Voting

Featuring the author Jason Brennan, Georgetown University; with comments by Bryan Caplan, George Mason University, Author, The Myth of the Rational Voter; moderated by John Samples, Cato Institute.
May 18, 2011
Policy Forum

The Case for Marriage Equality: Perry v. Schwarzenegger

Featuring the co‐​counsels, David Boies, Chairman, Boies, Schiller & Flexner and Former Chief Counsel, Senate Judiciary Committee; and Theodore B. Olson, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Former Solicitor General. With comments by the co‐​chairs of the advisory board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, Robert A. Levy, Chairman, Cato Institute; and John Podesta, President, Center for American Progress.
April 29, 2011
Policy Forum

The Future of Chinese Land Rights

Featuring Roy Prosterman, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Landesa; and Keliang Zhu, Attorney, China Team, Landesa; with comments by Xiaobo Zhang, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute; moderated by Ian Vasquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.
March 22, 2011
Policy Forum

A Government Thumb on the Election Scale?

Featuring Nick Dranias, Director, Center for Constitutional Government, Goldwater Institute; and David H. Gans, Director, Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Citizenship Program, Constitutional Accountability Center; moderated by Roger Pilon, Vice President for Legal Affairs, Cato Institute.
February 15, 2011
Policy Forum

Is Dodd‐​Frank Constitutional?

Featuring Mark Calabria, Director of Financial Regulatory Studies, Cato Institute; Hon. C. Boyden Gray, Former White House Counsel; Timothy R. McTaggart, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP, and former Delaware State Bank Commissioner; moderated by Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute.
January 20, 2011
Policy Forum

The Future of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Featuring Alan Gura, Partner, Gura & Possessky, P.L.L.C.; Dennis Henigan, Vice President, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence; Nelson Lund, Professor, George Mason University Law School; and Alan B. Morrison, Professor, The George Washington University Law School; moderated by Roger Pilon, Director, Center for Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute.