November 27, 2007
Policy Forum

Hard Truths about Energy

Featuring: Joseph Caggiano, Senior Consultant, Chevron Energy Technology Company; David K. Bellman, Director of Fundamental Analysis, Corporate Planning and Budgeting, American Electric Power; and Richard Gordon, Professor Emeritus of Mineral Economics, Pennsylvania State University.
May 31, 2007
Special Event

Mine Your Own Business

A brief question‐​and‐​answer period with individuals featured in the film and Alan Hill, CEO, and Richard Young, CFO, of Gabriel Resources will follow.
February 20, 2007
Policy Forum

Do NGOs Harm Growth in the Developing World?

Featuring: Alan Oxley, Chairman, World Growth, Former Chairman of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); with comments by Donald R. Sherk, Program Officer for Africa, Center for International Private Enterprise, Former U.S. Executive Director, African Development Bank; and moderated by Marian Tupy, Policy Analyst, Cato Institute.