July 31, 2019
Book Forum

Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way through the Unfree World

Featuring the authors Robert Lawson, Director, O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University; Benjamin Powell, Professor of Economics at Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University; and Matt Kibbe, President, Free the People; moderated by Ian Vásquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.
September 13, 2018
Policy Forum

Sweden: Lessons for America?

Featuring Johan Norberg, Film host and Senior Fellow, Cato Institute; with introductory remarks by Rob Chatfield, President and Chief Executive Officer, Free to Choose Media; moderated by Ian Vásquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.
October 16, 2017
Policy Forum

Terror, Propaganda and the Birth of the “New Man”: Experiences from Cuba, North Korea, and the Soviet Union

Featuring Andrei Lankov, Professor, Kookmin University, Republic of Korea; Yuri Pérez, Latin America expert, Freedom House; Andrei Illarionov, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute; moderated by Marian L. Tupy, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.
May 20, 2015
Policy Forum

The State of Freedom in the UK

Featuring Iain Murray, Vice President for Strategy, Competitive Enterprise Institute; Tom Clougherty, Editorial Director, Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, Cato Institute; and Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs; moderated by Matthew Feeney, Policy Analyst, Cato Institute.
May 19, 2015
Policy Forum

Emergency Economic Summit for Greece

Featuring Thomas Sargent, Nobel laureate in economics; Simeon Djankov, former deputy prime minister of Bulgaria; Ivan Miklos, former deputy prime minister of Slovakia; Lajos Bokros, former minister of finance of Hungary; Juan Jose Daboub, former managing director of the World Bank; Sven Otto Littorin, former minister of employment of Sweden; and others. Cosponsored with the Atlas Network.
April 23, 2013
Book Forum

Switzerland: A Free‐​Market Model for Europe?

Featuring R. James Breiding, Author, Swiss Made, and founder, Naissance Capital; with comments by Richard Rahn, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, and Chairman, Institute for Global Economic Growth; moderated by Mark Calabria, Director, Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute; with a brief welcome by Manuel Sager, Swiss Ambassador to the United States.
March 15, 2013
Book Forum

Accidental Occidental: Economics and Culture of Transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic and the Balkan Area

Featuring the author Lajos Bokros, Former Minister of Finance, Hungary, Member of European Parliament, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Central European University; with comments by Charles Gati, Professorial Lecturer in Russian and Eurasian Studies, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; moderated by Tom G. Palmer, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Executive Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation.
May 11, 2010
Policy Forum

Europe’s Economic Crisis and the Future of the Euro

Featuring Simeon Djankov, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, Bulgaria; with comments by Steve Hanke, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute and Professor of Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University. Moderated by Ian Vasquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.
April 8, 2010
Policy Forum

Putting Politics above Markets: A Greek Tragedy

Featuring Takis Michas, Staff writer for the Greek national daily, Eleftherotypia; with comments by Patrick Welter, Economics Correspondent, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Moderated by Ian Vásquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.