September 28
Half-Day Conference

Creating a True Marketplace in Education

Featuring John Merrifield, Professor of Economics, University of Texas at San Antonio; Myron Lieberman, Chairman, Education Policy Institute; Andrew Coulson, Senior Fellow for Education Policy, Mackinac Center for Public Policy; and Richard Vedder, Professor of Economics, Ohio University.
October 2
Half-Day Conference

The Future of the U.S. Postal Service

Featuring Edward Hudgins,Objectivist Center/Cato Adjunct Scholar; Dennis Shea, Executive Director, Presidential Commission on the USPS; Murray Martin, Executive Vice President & Group President, Global Mailing Systems, Pitney Bowes; and Roger Kodat, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Government Financial Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury.
September 30
Half-Day Conference

A Modern Vision for Latin America

Featuring John E. Sununu, U.S. Senate; Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Former President, Costa Rica; Manuel Suárez-Mier, Senior Economist, Bank of America, Mexico; Luis de Guindos, Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Economy, Spain; Enrique Ghersi, CITEL, Peru; Richard Pipes, Harvard University; Carlos Alberto Montaner, Spain; and Mario Vargas Llosa, President, International Foundation for Liberty.
September 3
Half-Day Conference

Sustainable Development: One Year after the World Summit

Featuring Leon Louw, Free Market Foundation, South Africa; Indur Goklany, American Enterprise Institute; James Shikwati, Inter Region Economic Network, Kenya; Julian Morris, International Policy Network, Great Britain; Barun Mitra, Director of the Liberty Institute, India; and Thompson Ayodele, Institute for Public Policy Analysis, Nigeria.
June 26
Half-Day Conference

Rebuilding Iraq: Prospects for Freedom and Prosperity

Featuring Randal Quarles, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; Patricia Adams, Executive Director of Probe International, Author of Odious Debts; Irwin Stelzer, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute; Richard Rahn, Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute; Patrick Basham, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute; Radwan A. Masmoudi, President, Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy; Michael Hudson, Georgetown University.