U.S. Department of Education: 40 Years Is Enough

Federal education meddling, especially since the advent of the Department of Education, has been of questionable value at best, and a high‐​dollar, bureaucratic failure at worst. On its 40th birthday, it is time to start making things right.

Department of Education Seal

School Choice and Two Spheres of Liberty

Freedom from government control should be the norm in a country grounded in liberty. But instead of a system in which the default is education based in diverse communities and free family decisions, the default is uniform government provision.

Statue of Liberty

Must We Fight over What Children Will Learn?

Public schooling—in which diverse people are required to pay for a single system of government‐​run schools—inherently sets up conflicts because some things cannot be simultaneously taught as true. There is a more equal, more peaceful, way to structure an education system: school choice.

Cato Institute Public Schooling Battle Map