July 20, 2020

The Failure of Academic Progress in Cybersecurity

Academic progress in cybersecurity studies from a social sciences perspective has been slow. In order to develop as a field, it needs a methodological framework, more developed theories, and collaboration that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Council on Foreign Relations
July 18, 2020

Reduce Spending on Police by Limiting What They Must Enforce

Repealing freedom‐​limiting laws, and their associated enforcement practices, will dramatically reduce encounters and tension between the police and the public, thus diminishing the possibility of violence or other harassment.

Orange County Register
July 15, 2020

Yemen Is America’s War Too

It is difficult to explain why the U.S. government, typically so sanctimonious in lecturing the rest of the world on liberty and morality, ended up backing one of the world’s most oppressive nations in a blatant war of aggression.

American Spectator (Online)