December 31, 2012

The Worst of the Worst

A new report from Freedom House on the world’s most repressive societies in 2012.
American Spectator (Online)
December 27, 2012

Ruling Discredits UM Law Clinic’s Involvement

In a better world, Thursday’s ruling would lead to a bit of soul‐​searching about whether it’s a good thing to let state‐​affiliated law clinics turn into ideological sandboxes.
The Baltimore Sun
December 25, 2012

Arab Spring Comes to Kuwait

Little more than a postage stamp in the Persian Gulf, Kuwait sits in a strategic position and offers a liberal model for other Gulf states.
Korea Times
December 25, 2012

Obama’s Hidden‐​Tax Heist

The recent gains in productivity growth have been taxed away by government. The increases in taxes are all non‐​legislated taxes, largely invisible to most people.
Washington Times