April 8, 2020

We Need a Coronavirus Vaccine. Patents Might Slow the Process.

The current system of drug production is based on the idea of patents, which are temporary monopolies over a particular process or product granted to inventors for a defined time period. But will this work in the age of Coronavirus?

National Interest (Online)

When the Waterbed Bursts

While it appears the combination of ample liquidity injections by the Fed and soft loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration has managed to ease concerns of a looming and massive cash crunch across the economy, there is at least one group of financial firms that has yet to see any respite: mortgage servicers.

April 7, 2020

We Are All Homeschoolers Now

This is a stressful time for all of us, and particularly for parents and children who find themselves displaced from the familiar routines of work and school.

Inside Sources

Target: Telegram

The fact is that the FBI has many tools to get at bad actors that misuse encrypted messaging apps like Telegram. Legislatively or court‐​mandated crypto “back doors” that place us all at risk should not be one of them.