September 5, 2019

Amtrak Accounting Tricks Cover Up Losses

Rather than give it billions of dollars to restore or build infrastructure that it can’t afford to maintain, Congress should simply agree to pay Amtrak a given amount for every passenger mile it carries. This will give Amtrak an incentive to focus on passengers, not politics.
Inside Sources
July 29, 2019

Congress Should Bring ‘New Starts’ to an End

If Congress wants to continue subsidizing transit agencies, it should distribute the money using a formula that takes transit fares heavily into account. This will encourage transit agencies to put riders first and to emphasize programs that increase ridership rather than ones that increase costs.

Real Clear Policy
May 16, 2019

Mine US Minerals — Don’t Undermine Them

Instead of trying to bury the domestic hardrock mining industry under punitive royalties and a tangle of unworkable provisions, we should be trying to incentivize exploration and production — and attract, not repel, mining investment.
The Hill (Online)