June 22, 2020

The Witch Hunts of the Left Revive Soviet Ghosts

Many of today’s anti‐​racists are motivated by genuine and commendable concern about bigotry and inequity. But animating this anti‐​racist moment and the cadre of activists seeking to build a utopia of absolute equality, cleansed of all broadly defined oppression or “harm” to any member of a traditionally disadvantaged group, I see the same passion that drove communism.

The Forward Association Inc.

The New Deal and Recovery, Part 2: Inventing the New Deal

To understand the New Deal’s shortcomings as a grand scheme for achieving economic recovery, it helps to realize that the New Deal wasn’t a grand scheme at all, but an assemblage of steps and programs, many of which were decided upon or concocted only after Roosevelt took office.

June 22, 2020

Cato Leads the National Campaign to Eliminate Qualified Immunity

The Cato Institute’s Project on Criminal Justice has been leading calls for police accountability and criminal justice reform for decades. One of the most important elements of that effort has been Cato’s pioneering campaign launched in 2018 to abolish qualified immunity.

Scales of Justice