January 8, 2020

Bernie Sanders Is on to Something in Education

Bernie Sanders is right that NCLB‐​style reform — blunt, top‐​down control — is no way to run an education system. But he is wrong to attack the opposite of such reform: school choice.
August 30, 2019

Segregation and the School Choice Movement

Many people support school choice not only out of principle, but based on historical and present reality: public schooling has repeatedly produced repression, exclusion, and other chronic problems.
Education Next
August 20, 2019

Maryland Case Reveals Religious Discrimination in Education

It would be better if Maryland had a scholarship tax credit program than a voucher. Then taxpayers could choose to direct their education dollars to religious institutions and get a credit for it, rather than all taxpayers having some sliver go to religious institutions, like it or not.

The Baltimore Sun