May 21, 2020

Let Mass Home Schooling Unleash Innovation

The highly structured nature of formal schooling could inhibit creative thinking through the use of uniform curriculum, teaching to standardized tests, and policies that discipline even minor forms of disobedience.

Washington Examiner
May 18, 2020

Families, Not Bureaucrats, Are the Real Education Experts

Let’s give families a real opportunity to make decisions — allowing them to take their children’s education dollars to wherever they think they can get the best education and environment, whether that’s a public school, a private school or through homeschooling.

Inside Sources
May 6, 2020

Private School Beats Public Schools in Creating Citizens

There are many possible reasons for this, but one that stands out is that unlike public schools, to which people are assigned by their home address, private schools are chosen, typically by people who share, or at least voluntarily accept, a school’s values.

The Hill (Online)