June 24, 2020

How Militarized Police Can Attract the Wrong Officers

De‐​militarizing our police should not only be about taking away gear that is too often used to conduct violent raids on nonviolent suspects; it should also be about reforming the mindset, held by too many officers, that they are soldiers going to war against their fellow citizens.

Daily Caller
Summer 2020

The Power of a Clean Slate

Empirical evidence from Michigan shows expungement can help people with criminal records without threatening public safety.

June 12, 2020

Taming the Police Unions

Entering a cross‐​partisan moment in which police unionism is broadly recognized as a significant hurdle to police reform.

Arc Digital
June 10, 2020

Race, Violence, and Political Illegitimacy

America’s white‐​dominated political institutions are facing their greatest crisis of legitimacy in decades, and systemic racism — particularly in domestic police surveillance and violence targeting communities of color — is the reason why.

Defending Rights & Dissent