December 20, 2018

Why Trump Is Right to Withdraw Troops

Withdrawal from Syria will be Trump’s first practical application of a true “America First” foreign policy. It has been long overdue.
National Interest (Online)
December 12, 2018

Dehumanization Nations

The language of dehumanization is beginning to creep into our collective consciousness — at both extremes of the political spectrum. This shoul
Real Clear World
November 26, 2018

Saudi Arabia Does More Harm than Good

The kingdom is not a U.S. or Western ally in any real sense. Working together when appropriate should never be confused with endorsing or even accepting such a malodorous regime.
The Korean Times
November 21, 2018

True Islam Does Not Kill Blasphemers

Militant Islamists who want to kill all blasphemers, real or perceived, do not define Islam. But they do define a fanatic, ferocious, dangerous strain within Islam.
The New York Times