March 16, 2020

Will Coronavirus Kill the European Union?

Crises always create unintended consequences. The biggest one from the spreading coronavirus could be a substantial weakening of central European authority.

National Interest (Online)
March 13, 2020

The Real Coronavirus Threat Everyone Is Missing

Worries about the threat the coronavirus posed to public health are entirely understandable. The disease spreads easily and has a disturbingly high mortality rate among its victims (especially the elderly). Nevertheless, some important and potentially dangerous policy precedents are being set without much consideration or reflection.

The National Interest (Online)
March 12, 2020

Sunak’s Budget Marks the Tories’ Final Retreat From Thatcherism

For arguably the first time since 1979, this week’s Budget explicitly endorsed two policy principles Conservatives have long rejected: that governments should use public spending to steer the macroeconomy and that activist government can drive innovation and long‐​run growth.

UK Telegraph