December 4, 2019
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China’s Implementation of the Rulings of the World Trade Organization

Featuring the author Weihuan Zhou, Senior lecturer and member of the Herbert Smith Freehills China International Business and Economic Law Centre, University of New South Wales; with comments by James Bacchus, Former WTO Appellate Body Jurist and former U.S. Congressman; Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute; moderated by Simon Lester, Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato Institute.


Walking on Trade Adjusted Eggshells

Instead of perpetuating the myth that trade is at fault for America’s economic ills, it would be better if Congress worked to eliminate the Trade Adjustment Assistance program altogether.


Needed: Straight Talk on the Jones Act and LNG

Questions have been raised in Congress about the inability of some Americans to consume U.S. liquefied natural gas. Answers recently provided by the Jones Act lobby, however, were an exercise in misdirection.

LNG carrier

Does China Comply with Its WTO Obligations?

Are the current terms of China's WTO participation "fair"? What changes, if any, need to be made? Are there WTO rules that can be used to bring cases against China, but have been overlooked? What is the best way for the U.S. government to address China's state intervention in its economy? How do the efforts of past administrations compare to those of the Trump administration? What should the next administration do?