Occupational Licensing Reform Moves Forward

The pandemic has created a unique window of opportunity for reform, forcing states to reevaluate the impact of regulations on jobs and poverty. States should seize on this opportunity to expand the freedom to work.


Last Century’s Transportation Ten Years from Now

A review of ten passenger‐​train corridors funded by President Obama’s high‐​speed rail program found that only one ended up increasing train speeds by more than 2.2 miles per hour, and several actually saw speeds decline, suggesting that the $11.5 billion federal dollars and $7 billion state dollars spent on these projects was almost completely wasted.


PACT Act Does More Harm than Good

While more thoughtfully drafted than other Section 230 reform proposals, the PACT Act unreasonably burdens platform moderation and creates new opportunities for abuse.

PACT Act introductory image.
July 18, 2020

Reduce Spending on Police by Limiting What They Must Enforce

Repealing freedom‐​limiting laws, and their associated enforcement practices, will dramatically reduce encounters and tension between the police and the public, thus diminishing the possibility of violence or other harassment.

Orange County Register