September 17, 2020
Live Online Conference

19th Annual Constitution Day

Cato’s annual Constitution Day symposium marks the day in 1787 that the Constitutional Convention finished drafting the U.S. Constitution. We celebrate that event each year with the release of the new issue of the Cato Supreme Court Review and with a day‐​long symposium featuring noted scholars discussing the recently concluded Supreme Court term and the important cases coming up.

CLE credit will be offered. The form is available here.


How Strict Would “Strict Scrutiny” Be Online?

Some experts say social media should adopt a tripartite test drawn from international law to protect free speech online. A similar test in the United States has protected free speech reasonably well in some cases. The tripartite test has potential to protect free speech, but much still depends on who applies the test.

July 23, 2020

Roberts Rules

Roberts has gone out of his way not to rock the boat, to maintain the status quo and extricate the court from the larger political narrative.

Washington Examiner