Ninth Circuit “Reluctantly” Dismisses Kids Climate Case

We should all be thankful for the court’s avowed restraint — for much of this controversy, judges in the circuit seemingly champed at the bit to take on central planning of the American economy. A big assist is due the Supreme Court, which bench‐​slapped some sense into the Ninth Circuit.

January 14, 2020

Amtrak’s Big Lie

Amtrak’s accounting system is so full of lies that even the pro‐​passenger train Rail Passengers Association calls it ‘fatally flawed, misleading, and wrong.’

Washington Examiner

Crescent Dunes: Another Green Flop

The lesson from political daydreams about green new deals such as Crescent Dunes is that the government’s track record at guiding our energy future has been pretty dismal.

Winter 2019
Regulation Vol. 42 No. 4